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Adaptive Project Management - Overview

By Rob Thomsett ___ Managing projects in a volatile world In an environment of increasing complexity and shrinking windows of stability, the established models of project management are struggling to cope as change becomes normal. For projects, rapid changes in sponsorship, shifts in strategic priorities, the increase in virtual teams and rapidly evolving technologies are just some of the “new normal” that sponsors and project managers must face. Most project management models treat the governance and management of projects as a technical problem. More »

Hot Books

We know how busy you are - deadlines, changes of requirements are probably driving you CRAZY!!! So rather than a long list of books and articles that we feel you should read, we have decided to suggest a couple of killer books. These will give you some strength to keep going - it can get better. We will give each book a Reading in a Train/plane index on a scale of 1 - 10. An index of 10 means easy and enjoyable reading that will stop you from watching a rerun of The X-files. More »

The Busy Person's PM Book

By Rob & Camille Thomsett ___ Camille and I had a bit of a debate about what this should be called. I thought of calling it The Complete Idiot and Dummie's Guide to Project Management but, apart from being a bit demeaning, calling this book a Dummies or Idiot's Guide misses the point that project management can only be done by smart, clever and non-dummie people. Download the book pdf [267kb] More »

Out of the Pit

By Rob Thomsett ___ It's time to build a new IT culture Myths provide models for human behaviour, institutions, or universal conditions. (1) For over 35 years, computing people have been too focussed on what technology to use rather than what technology does for their organisation or clients. As a result, an IT culture has emerged that, in many ways, has become dis-functional. This culture was not deliberately created but rather, slowly evolved. It is based on myths and models that are no longer appropriate for the business challenges of the late 20 th. Century. More »

Outsourcing: The Great Debate

By Rob Thomsett ___ “We are seeing that market leaders in all industries are increasingly using outsourcing as a way to build and sustain competitive advantage” Dennis Torkko, Arthur Andersen Contract Services (1) “I feel like a slave being auctioned off. All that’s missing are the chains” Anonymous IT person involved in an outsource Outsourcing is seen by many observers (2) as one of the pillars of modern management and economic practice. It is also one of the most difficult management topics to discuss. More »